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MediaChalk is a fun and exciting movie-making program that helps students’ stories come alive. It is entirely Internet-based and can be used with either a Mac or a PC. A MediaChalk license can be purchased for the entire school or for individual classrooms.

The movie-making process is a combination of digital storytelling, interactive technology, unlimited creativity, and project-based learning. Students drag and drop backgrounds, characters, and objects to construct pictures. They add text as well as voice narration to each slide and then add music as a soundtrack. MediaChalk has been used effectively in the classroom, computer lab, library, after school program, and anywhere there is an Internet connection. Students can even work on their MediaChalk movies at home.

“We’ve had students from 1st grade through middle school effectively use MediaChalk and I like how the program balances fun and learning. I have used technology in my classroom for over 10 years and MediaChalk impresses me because it doesn’t overshadow the curriculum being taught - it enhances it. Some technology requires so much energy that the learning objectives get lost in the process, but not MediaChalk. It is versatile and flexible enough to be used by individual students, students in small groups, or in a whole class setting. I’m excited to continue using MediaChalk with my elementary and middle school students this upcoming school year.” K-12 Teacher/Media Specialist

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