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Teachers and students can securely access MediaChalk wherever there is Internet connection. Preferred Browsers: Firefox, Chrome or Internet Explorer

No need to download software, just have the latest system requirements.

For $300 a year your entire school receives complete access to this creative power tool.

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In order to avoid issues accessing the MediaChalk website, please complete the following system requirements and checks.

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Also, please verify that each computer has the latest browser installed, which might include: Internet Explorer or Firefox. The MediaChalk tool and website can run on either a MAC or PC platform.

Please disable the pop-up blocker on each computer to maximize website navigation.  As MediaChalk updates the software to make your experience the best possible, it is important that you clear the cache on the computers after each release.

Each school needs to allow the website URL: and the MediaChalk IP Address through the local firewall.  To access the functionality of all the tools this must be allowed. To obtain our IP Address please contact us through the information below.

If you have questions or need more information please contact us or call 888-867-5995.