Classroom License


How It Works

MediaChalk can be accessed from any computer with an Internet connection. A MediaChalk Classroom License includes logins for the classroom teacher and up to 30 students. The cost for the license is $49.99 and is valid for one full year from the date of purchase. A renewal reminder will be sent to the teacher via email one month before the license expires.

Getting Started

The classroom teacher adds students and teachers to MediaChalk with last name, first name, desired username, password, and grade level. All users are then ready to create movies using MediaChalk.

Making Movies

The movie-making process is very simple. Youth of all ages creatively construct pictures using the available backgrounds, characters, and objects. They can write and/or record their story, add music as a soundtrack, and then repeat the process for up to 20 slides. There is no limit to the number of movie projects that can be created. The teacher can also create movies as well as view the movies created by the students in their classroom.

Sharing Movies

MediaChalk movies can be shared in two different ways.

  1. Movies can be shared in the MediaChalk Theater. They can be shared with all MediaChalk users, or limited to those in the classroom. The teacher determines the appropriate level.
  2. A link to the movie can be emailed to extended family and friends.
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