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    What is MediaChalk?

    MediaChalk is a cutting‐edge, completely online, movie-making tool used by students around the world to create finished projects without ever leaving the computer. The students can create as many movies as they like and each movie can be up to 20 slides in length. Built on a cutting edge Flash platform, it is the only program of its kind. The subscription-based tool can be used in schools (any classroom, any subject), for English as a second language, after school programs, home school groups, church groups, or individually. Hard and soft skills are used and developed, such as peer communication, creative thinking, reading, writing, typing, project-based learning, problem solving, and much more. MediaChalk is truly disguised learning and enhances the way education is taught in all subject matters.

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    Who can use MediaChalk?

    Most educators have utilized the tool in a traditional classroom setting, but it can also be used in home school as well as a variety of alternative, after school or special education programs. The program can be used to create a finished movie project for any subject matter and any topic.

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    How does the MediaChalk program work?

    MediaChalk users begin with a story. The program allows users to create picture slides for each phase of the story by dragging and dropping images into a storyboard. They add text, voice narration, and music to complete the movie. Learn more by viewing the sample movie projects and playing with the product demo.

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    What is included with a MediaChalk license subscription?

    A license subscription grants full access to MediaChalk’s complete website. A school site license includes a login for a school administrator in addition to an unlimited number of licenses for teachers and students at a singular location.

    A classroom license includes a login for the classroom teacher and licenses for up to 30 students. A home school license includes a login for an adult supervisor and up to 10 students. A MediaChalk license can also be purchased for n individual user.

    MediaChalk allows users to create unique and imaginative movie projects. Each user will have the ability to write their own story, add pictures, narration, and music and then view the final project as a movie and/or print it out as a storybook. Through the MediaChalk website, students and teachers become moviemakers without downloading or installing a thing. All the stories and movies created will be saved online for access wherever there is an Internet connection. Teachers and adult supervisors determine with whom they would like to share completed movies. Movies can be shared with members in a home school group, classroom, school, or district.

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    How much does this program cost?

    The cost of a MediaChalk school site license is $300/year. The site license includes logins for an administrator as well as all teachers and students within your school. Each site license is valid for one full year. A renewal reminder will be sent to the administrator via email one month before the license expires.

    The cost of a MediaChalk classroom license is $49.99/year. The classroom license includes logins for the classroom teacher and up to 30 students. The license is valid for one full year from the date of purchase. A renewal reminder will be sent to the teacher via email one month before the license expires.

    The cost of a MediaChalk home school license is $2.99/month or $29.99/year. The home school license includes logins for an adult supervisor and up to 10 students. The monthly license will renew automatically and can be canceled at any time. A renewal reminder will be sent to the adult supervisor via email one month before the annual license expires.

    The cost of a MediaChalk individual license is $1.99/month or $19.99/year. The monthly license will renew automatically and can be canceled at any time. A renewal reminder will be sent to the individual one month before the annual license expires.

    To purchase today contact us or walk through the purchasing steps on our website. If you are purchasing a school site license, you can also print a Purchase Order.

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    Can I upload my own images?

    MediaChalk provides a large library of cartoon images. Teachers and adult supervisors can also upload additional images for use in the MediaChalk tool. The images must be a jpg file and less then 200kb.

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    Can I download and share the completed movie projects?

    MediaChalk movies can be shared in two different ways.

    1. Movies can be shared in the MediaChalk Theater. They can be shared with all MediaChalk users, or limited to those in the home school group, classroom, school, or district. A teacher or the adult supervisor determines the appropriate level.
    2. A link to the movie can be emailed to extended family and friends.
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    How are users added to the MediaChalk website?

    Each MediaChalk user is assigned a unique username and password. Users can be bulk uploaded with a CSV file or added one at a time. The school administrator, classroom teacher, or home school adult supervisor assigns usernames and passwords for all users included in their license.

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    How does MediaChalk conduct product training?

    MediaChalk posts training and tutorial videos on the website. If additional training is needed, MediaChalk support is available at or 888-867-5995. We are always here to help!

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    If my school enrolls, what kind of support will I receive?

    We stand behind this product 100% and provide unparalleled customer service. We want this powerful tool to be a huge success for you and to create a positive experience for everyone who is involved. If you’ve ever spoken with one of our staff, I’m sure you will agree we are here to serve you. We will answer any technical questions you may have and are always listening for ways to improve the MediaChalk experience for both students and adults.

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    Is MediaChalk easy to use?

    MediaChalk is completely online. With simple features such as drag and drop, teachers and students will master the tool within minutes. MediaChalk has implemented step-by-step processes to ensure everyone involved accomplishes the tasks with ease. We promise that you and the students will easily create movie projects.

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    Will the MediaChalk tool raise student achievement?

    In an all-digital world, students need a change from the traditional “Chalk and Talk” methods to a fast paced "Drag and Drop" methodology. Rather than trying to shoehorn the students into a paradigm of learning that may be behind the times, the goal of our educational tool is to engage them on their own terms using technologies that they know and love. With kids at young ages participating actively on websites like Club Penguin, PBS Kids and many more, the young demographic is becoming very computer and Internet savvy. Many educational websites focus on aspects of gaming to engage students. MediaChalk, however, engages students in project-based learning by using the thrill of the Internet, cartoon images, stimulating music, and so much more. Teachers have seen first hand that this 21st century technology increases productivity and student achievement.

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    Can I implement this program easily?

    MediaChalk is very simple to use. We understand today’s teachers are over-leveraged and don’t have time to learn difficult programs. We understand that if it is difficult or time consuming to learn, teachers will not implement the program or continue to subscribe to our website. For that reason, our website is created for teachers and students to pick up and learn in a matter of minutes. We have listened and will continue to listen to our teachers and develop what they need and want in an ever-changing technological world.

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    Why choose to use a completely online product to enhance learning?

    A report entitled "Learning in the 21st Century: A Trends Update" provides new and timely data on the growth of online learning in America's schools. This report published several key findings in the Trends Update section that point to a continued opportunity for double-digit growth in the industry. These findings include:

    1. More than 88% of education leaders say that the effective implementation of instructional technology is core to their mission, and 84% believe that technology use does indeed enhance student achievement.
    2. Over 41% of students believe that online classes will have the greatest positive impact on their learning, a growth of over 20% from the 2006 data findings.
    3. Over 26% of teachers in 2007 chose online learning as their first choice.

    In order for educational platforms and tools to fully engage the students in the new century, it is clear current technology trends in entertainment and communications will set the standard.

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    What system requirements are needed?

    You can use our tool and access our website on either a PC or a Mac. The MediaChalk website is completely online and doesn’t require downloading any software. However, we do require that you have the latest version of the Internet Browser, Adobe Flash Player, and Adobe Reader. The Pop-up Blocker will need to be disabled.

    In order to allow students to record their own voice narration, a microphone is required. If you don’t have a microphone, movies can still be created and a computer-generated voice can narrate the stories.

    Each school needs to allow the URL: and IP Address: on port 80 and 1935 through the local firewall. To access the functionality of all MediaChalk tools, this must be allowed.

    Technical Requirements